воскресенье, 30 марта 2014 г.

Instagram update. My first Fashion Week!

I wanna start my first full post with great inspiring words: "Dreams come true". I mean they really do.

This month was wondeful, maybe the best month of my entire life. Firstly, I met my favourite band Thirty Seconds to Mars, was on stage with them and now have some new good acquaintances. Secondly, I lost about 10 kg of my weight using a good diet and I'm not going to stop. 
And finally I visited a fashion week! Wow! Still can't believe it was reality. I've been dreaming about it since...12, I think. Amazing experience! I saw five shows of famous Russian designers (I'm not sure you know some of them haha) and just spent cool time with my friends.
First time on fashion show is a miracle. I know it isn't Paris or New York, just Moscow, but for me it's a good start and I know that one day I'll be a guest of my favourite foreign brands shows!
There also was a presentation of new L'oreal hair-dye and I let make my strand of hair pink.Maybe I'll show you it in the next post.
p.s. working on my blod design, hope you'll like it.
How did you spend your weekends?


Hi! I'm happy to see you on my blog! I decided to start the brand new one since the long time because I really miss it. So today I have a possibility to share new photos and my amazing experiens with you!
P.S. I promise it'll be interesing :)